Oklahoma ACLU official: Editorial missed the mark on Charlottesville

You can find only one suitable reaction to white supremacists: apparent and sturdy condemnation. In the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville, The Oklahoman editorial board attempts to partly shift blame absent from the neo-Nazis, Klan members and proper-wing militias to the people there to oppose them. This relies on a hazardous bogus equivalence that normalizes and empowers some of the most disgusting components of our culture.

“Sometimes the ‘enemy of my enemy’ is a thug” (Our Sights, Aug. eighteen) takes the position that we ought to concentration our power on opposing both the neo-Nazis attaining traction in our country and the people performing actively to counter their repugnant information. By equating closely armed neo-Nazis and white supremacists, endorsing genocide, with groups that oppose them, the editorial attempts to build a ethical equivalency wherever none exists. In undertaking so, it legitimizes and strengthens racists and fascists.

The neo-Nazis, the Klan and other white supremacists are enjoying a terrifying boost in guidance and open acceptance, and even though it was a extensive highway that led us here, weak responses like this one only serve to coddle white supremacy.

The finest the editorial board can muster in reaction to Donald Trump’s shameful and indefensible remarks in the wake of violence and murder in the title of white supremacy is that you can find “no downside” to agreeing with the “social justice warriors” in contacting out apparent racism. It is no coincidence that white supremacist detest groups are growing now, and every motion that will not fully condemn them and attribute their violent steps to the actors by itself only fuels them. This editorial tacitly endorsed detest groups by the assignment of blame to individuals acting to counter despicable shows like that in Charlottesville.

The editorial board really should clearly and unequivocally condemn white supremacists and white supremacy. It really should need the president do so as well. It really should mourn the reduction of Heather Heyer. It really should mourn for the 19 other folks critically hurt by terrorism in the title of white supremacy. It really should offer you solace to individuals concerned to dwell in the region they get in touch with household. It really should get in touch with on all Us residents of conscience to stand up to individuals threatening our values and, for much too a lot of Us residents, the quite proper to exist.

Leaders in both political events, which include top conservative voices in Oklahoma, have manufactured it apparent they do not guidance Trump’s evaluation that blame really should be assigned to both sides in Charlottesville. In supporting Trump’s absurd position, the editorial board has surrendered to a narrative of lies and detest. We inspire this board to reject any implication that white supremacists and anti-racists are equally condemnable for the violence in Charlottesville to do normally is an affront to humanity and the real truth.

Kiesel is govt director of the ACLU in Oklahoma.

Authored by Saliqa Khan

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