Collins: My bill would restore New Yorkers' 2nd Amendment rights

In response to the Union-Sun & Journal’s current editorial, I do feel in State’s rights, the have to have for area management and the Tenth Modification to the Constitution guaranteeing condition rights. Even so, I want your viewers to know my steadfast perception that states like New York should really not have the potential to consider away the Constitutional rights of their citizens. Beneath no situation should really these standard rights be denied, and federal action is warranted in a problem where by a condition is infringing on the rights of any American.

The Constitution is the legislation of the land, and the Founding Fathers developed a document with a apparent eyesight relating to 2nd Modification rights. The 2nd Modification can only be interpreted a person way, and that is it assures that Individuals have the proper to possess a firearm.

My proposed legislation, the 2nd Modification Assure Act (SAGA), has sparked a necessary discussion about the 2nd Modification rights granted to Individuals in the Constitution. In 2013, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (Safe) Act infringed on the rights of legislation-abiding New Yorkers by instituting stringent rifle and shotgun restrictions. As you pointed out, these restrictions had been put in area purely for political uses.

SAGA focuses specifically on preserving 2nd Modification rights, and in no way is taking away the rights of states. When a condition crosses the line and commences to carry out restrictions that are in stark distinction to the standard rights specified to Individuals, action desires to be taken. That is precisely why I am proposing my legislation to rein in the unconstitutional procedures that Governor Cuomo forced into legislation.

Governor Cuomo overstepped with the Safe Act, and my proposal to repeal a great deal of the legislation has had a fantastic deal of support. SAGA isn’t hypocritical it is a sincere work to carry back the freedoms specified to New Yorkers by our Constitution when it comes to proudly owning a firearm. Regulation abiding citizens should really not be punished due to the fact of onerous and unconstitutional condition restrictions.

It is my responsibility as an elected agent to make confident my constituents are shielded, and that consists of preserving the standard rights granted to them in the Constitution. The Safe Act only curbed the 2nd Modification rights of legislation-abiding New Yorkers, rather of supplying them with a safer area to stay as promised by the Governor.

The Safe Act has finished very little to aid our communities and has only taken away our freedoms. It is time we finish this disastrous legislation for all New Yorkers and revert back to what the Founding Fathers supposed for our country.


U.S. Rep. Chris CollinsNY-27th Congressional DistrictClarence

Authored by Mike Tigas

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