Lefties should have rights too

Sis Bowman, Columnist
Published 1:thirty p.m. ET Aug. twelve, 2017

These days is Intercontinental Lefthanders Day and it is turning forty one this yr. It was formulated to increase the recognition of the issues lefties expertise in a suitable-handed entire world.

Just imagine about it. Have you ever witnessed a chair desk in faculty designed for southpaws? When was the final time you saw a coffee mug with text or a photo whose deal with was meant to be picked up with the left hand?

Oh, there are resources and objects designed for lefties such as guitars and golf golf equipment, but they usually value a lot more. Scissors and personal computer mice are intended for suitable-handers. It is obvious left-handers wanted their very own day to celebrate or protest, whichever they desire. 

Only ten to twelve per cent of the inhabitants are sinistras. That is suitable, pardon the expression, sinistra is Latin for left. Our phrase sinister came from that Latin phrase. Sinistrophobia is the anxiety of left-handedness or things on the left facet. No wonder folks in the seventeenth century thought that individuals who were left-handed were witches and warlocks.

I have generally questioned if there was a genetic part to which hand you utilised. My mother was ambidextrous and could do nearly almost everything with either hand. On the other hand, pun intended, I simply cannot do everything devoid of utilizing my suitable hand.

When my youngest son was born he confirmed a distinct proclivity for utilizing his left hand to grasp toys and food stuff. I would immediately switch the item to his suitable hand. If I had recognised then what I know now, I would have permitted him to be a leftie.

Still left-handed college graduates go on to turn into 26 percent wealthier than their suitable-handed counterparts. There are exclusive faculty scholarships for lefties only.
The proportion of southpaws with IQs above 140 is bigger than suitable-handers. Forty per cent of the top tennis gamers are lefties. Eight United States presidents have been left-handers.

Invoice Gates, Benjamin Franklin and Isaac Newton are illustrations of leftie intelligence. Robert DeNiro, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are southpaw actors. And athletics stars Sandy Koufax, Kenny Stabler and Larry Chicken performed with their left.

A quantity of well known politician are left-handers. Benjamin Netanyahu, John McCain, H. Ross Perot and Invoice Bradley are provided on the listing. Rulers Alexander the Excellent, Queen Victoria, Julius Caesar and Fidel Castro were all lefties.

Artists Paul Klee, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were southpaws. Musicians Paul McCartney, Cole Porter and Paul Simon also utilised their left hand. Quite a few believe that that lefties are not only a lot more smart, but a lot a lot more innovative that the rest of us.

Probably, when my son was a little one I ought to have permitted him to use his left hand. Then all over again, Jack the Ripper, the Boston Strangler and Osama bin Laden were also left-handed.  

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