Civil Rights Activist Andrew Young: The Problem Is Trump Is "Still Thinking Nationally — As A …

In an exclusive job interview on Satisfy the Press, civil rights leader and previous Atlanta Mayor Andrew Younger claims that the remedy to a battle about race is to not get mad, but to “get sensible.”

He also described what he sees as the “key issue” with President Trump: Nationalism.

“The issue is… His organization is in a global overall economy,” he said about the president. “And he’s trying to operate the state in a nationalist way.”

FMR. AMB. ANDREW Younger: The entice is that he’s still politicking and wondering nationally, as a nationalist, and so is nearly everyone else, including these who are trying to feel again and blame it on the Civil War, which was hundreds of decades ago. But the issue we have is that we’re not residing in a nationalist setting. And which is also his issue, personally, that he’s– his organization is all global. His organization is in a global overall economy and he’s trying to the operate the state from a nationwide overall economy.

Authored by Mike Tigas

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