No statues, historical context, civility — letters to the editor 8-23-17

Statues represent ‘glory days’ of slavery
After reading the letter “Erasing Symbolism Is Its Personal Type of Hatred” (Siuslaw News, Aug. 19), I felt compelled to react.

The author indicates that the current controversy over eradicating Accomplice statues is an endeavor to, as he explained, “Re-style history.”
That is not the circumstance.

Erecting all those statues in the initial spot, on the other hand, did just that. They were commissioned to forged the failed Confederacy in a distinctive light, or as the author states, “…to re-style history in purchase to make it match in a distinct paradigmatic viewpoint.”

The placement of most of all those statues basically goes perfectly over and above the need to revise history they were a reaction to initiatives to alter the lives of African-Us residents in the South. The amount of monuments surged each time all those in electricity felt threatened by alter: in the early 1900s when the NAACP was formed immediately after WWII when Black servicemen and ladies returned residence immediately after going through daily life with extra flexibility and during the Civil Rights era of the fifties and ’60s.

The statues were put by white politicians to remind the populace of the “glory days” of the Civil War. As they glamorized and immortalized all those who fought for the continuation of slavery, they proclaimed the concept that any shift away from white supremacy would not be tolerated.

These monuments were made with community cash and put in town squares, in close proximity to county courthouses and in notable spots beside point out capitals. Consider the propaganda benefit alone of such placement.

Consider also the actuality that the taxes of African-Us residents were applied to build shrines to all those who fought for their continued enslavement.

Advocating for the removing of Accomplice statues is not a “feel great mantra.” It is a phone to see all those monuments for what they definitely represent and to determine that we, as Us residents, will no longer stand for that revisionist perspective of history.

—Lucinda Hughes

Assert to fame lacks historical context
The historical context is that Accomplice monuments memorialize guys whose declare to fame was having up arms against the United States of America.

—Judy Kinsman

It can take two to battle
As everyone is aware of there were riots in Charlottesville. Even so, it has impressed me how one particular-sided the reporting has been.

Let us get a little something straight: I have no use for the KKK, white supremicists or any form of racists, no issue the colour of their skin.

Yes, all racists are not white.

That is a actuality.

When the Black Lives Matter individuals where by calling for the killing of law enforcement and then law enforcement were killed by a black person, should really that have been deemed racist, a hate criminal offense or terrorist act?

As President Trump explained, he condemned all sides simply because the silly white racists could not have a riot by on their own.

No, their desired to be extra silly persons for that to occur. That is where by groups like Black Lives Matter and the Antifa demonstrate up to make sure there was a battle.

People were the individuals in Berkeley, Calif., who tore the spot up to guarantee that they were the only ones to use their Initially Amendment legal rights.

It usually can take two to battle. And by condemning one particular and not the other, you are expressing flexibility of speech is only a suitable if you agree with it.

There is a purpose we have a Bill of Rights, which affords us freedoms no other nation on this planet has. If we never see and defend that, then we are doomed to get rid of.

The white nationalists racists experienced a allow to march — so permit them march.
Really do not go over it on Tv set.

And bury nearly anything about it in the sports section of newspapers.

They are a really modest and, in my belief, insignificant bunch of idiots who will not be skipped. The other established of idiots can be held at bay by the law enforcement (that is their task ).

Do that, and you only have one particular group of haters to fret about — and one particular does not a riot make.

It almost certainly won’t make the Sunday talk displays, but at minimum one particular younger lady would however be alive.

—David T. Eckhardt

Editorial unfair to President Trump
I met Ned Hickson when I initial moved to Florence in 2001. I have usually preferred Ned and was happy when he became editor of The Siuslaw News. Even so, since he has been editor I obtain that the newspaper has turn out to be significantly extra remaining-leaning,

In Ned’s commentary (“Sign On Hwy 101 Demonstrates That No Spot Is Immune To Hate”) in the Saturday, Aug. 19, version, he spoke of a sign that a bigoted racist experienced place on highway 101. He connected that sign back again to what he called President Trump’s ambiguous assertion of where by blame should really be put in the Charlottesville protest.

I saw nothing at all ambiguous when President Trump explained both sides shared the blame. To connection the commitment for an individual to spot that awful sign on highway 101 back again to our President is unfair and unfounded.

If I were a conservative business owner in Florence, I would not use such a biased, remaining-leaning media supply in which to promote.

—Pamela Richardson

Statues belong in museums, not town…

Authored by Glen McStanly

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